About Andrea



Bolstered with an extensive background in a multitude of artistic ventures, Andrea Clark is committed to using her work in the set decorating and props department as an avenue to help tell stories in a richer, more profound way. With a passion for bringing a fully realized voice to art, Andrea can be relied upon to provide an immensely nurturing and collaborative vision to any endeavour she is tasked with. To Andrea, production design is an essential facet of the storytelling skill set that has the power to enrich, expand, and deepen the world that is being cultivated as well as the characters that are inhabiting it.


Andrea has amassed numerous credits within the props and set decoration departments. Independent, Union, and commercial productions alike present a unique set of challenges and opportunities to create a dynamic, compelling finished product. Andrea is eager to continually grow, build, and refine her current skill set through working along side like-minded collaborators.


With a passion for art in all forms, travelling wherever the road takes her, Andrea is poised to bring a multi-dimensional approach to any production that she is a part of.